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The Mother Road

A. General comprehension:
1. Nature of the document: __________________________
2. Number of speakers and their accent (American? British?): ___________________
3. Give the real name of the Mother Road: __________________________

B. Part One
1.Tick the passages you hear:
a) It is the first cross-country highway   away
b) making your road   own itinerary
c) do it when you wanna do it   when you gonna do it
d) The Mother Road really offers  a lot of veracity    a lot of variety

2. Tick the correct answer and justify:
The Mother Road offers freedom   □ indecision ; Justification: _________________

C. Part Two
1. Name the geographical elements mentioned by the speaker.
Town: _____________________ Lake: _____________________
It is where the Mother Road starts  goes through ends

2. Lou Mitchell's is:
a) a wonderful dinner   diner
b) the best breakfast you're gonna have   you've ever had

3. Pick out names or titles concerning these elements:
a) Singer: ____________________ b) Prison: ____________________
c) Film: ____________________ d) TV series: ____________________

D. Part Three
1.  The Mother Road goes through numerous states. Make a list of all these states:

2. Name one city and explain its importance.
________________________. It is where the road _______.

3. The road is a ________ of American ____________.

4. Tick what you hear, then complete.
Steinbeck    Steinway  grapes   rapes   □ wrap   □ wrath
________________, an American author, wrote a novel entitled _______________________. This novel deals with _____________ coming from the mid-_______ on their way to _______________ in search of a better _______.

5. For the United States, this road is one of the ______ _________.

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