samedi 30 juin 2012

Is the American Dream alive today?

A. General comprehension.

1. Before listening, match each expression with the correct definition.
be tanking
  • to change, to rearrange
  • very surprising
  • rich
  • be a complete failure
  • difficult to achieve
to shift
  • obtainable
2. Listen to the document and tick the correct answers.

a) This document is : a speech   an interview   a documentary   a report
b) It deals with the :  death   evolution   success of the American dream.
c) Number of speakers and their role / job : __________________________

B. Part One : Tick the words you hear.
  1. The economy may be  sinking   tanking.
  2. For me, the American dream is to have a great fantasy   family.
  3. I want to become a lawyer   an employer
  4. It's being able to have the opportunism   opportunity
Pick out 3-4 important words near the end: ___________________________

C. Part Two : Right or wrong? Circle the correct answer and justify.
  1. The majority of the citizens say they have achieved (= réussi) their dream.
R/W: __________________________________________________________

  1. Rich people in Manhattan are having a hard time achieving their dream.
R/W: __________________________________________________________

  1. One of the men says that when he was young, the American dream was based on luck only (= seulement).
R/W: __________________________________________________________

  1. Even in difficult times, people keep the same definition of the American dream.
R/W: __________________________________________________________

  1. Nowadays, values are more crucial than material achievement (= réussite).
R/W: __________________________________________________________

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