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Heroism and tragedy

!!! If you don't know anything about Star Wars, research "Darth Vader" before listening.

a) Pick out the names of the two characters: __________ & __________

b) The female character sounds: □ alarmed □ enthusiastic □ playful □anxious
Justify by quoting her words: “I _____ ____ __________.”

c) What is the problem with the male character? Tick two correct expressions, and justify.
□ He has murdered too many dark Siths.
□ He is accused of killing young children.
□ He has chosen an evil road.
□ He killed young Wookies.
Justification: _________________________________________

d) What does the man blame Obi-Wan for?
He blames Obi-Wan for _________ Padme ___________ him.

e) Pick out two elements about Obi-Wan.
  • Obi-Wan ________ about them.
  • Obi-Wan ________ to ______ him.

f) The character's feelings:
  • Padme:
hopeful    □ desperate   □ bitter (= amère)   □ joyful    □ conceited (= vaniteuse)   □ humble
Justification: “All I want ___ _____ _______.”
  • Anakin:
hopeful   □ desperate    □ bitter (= amer)   □ joyful   □ conceited (= vaniteux)   □ humble
Justification: “Love ______ _____ _____. Only my ____ ________ _____ do that.”

g) Complete the dialogue:
"(...) You're a _______ person, ______ do this."

"I ______ _____ you the way I ______ my _______. I'm _________ more ____________ than any Jedi has ever __________ of. And I'm ________ it for _____. To _________ you."

Part II.
a) What information do we learn about Padme? What does she want to do? Pick out keywords:

b) Complete the dialogue:
"We _______ ______ to _____ away anymore. I have ________ peace to the __________. I am more __________ than the Chancelor. I can __________ him. And _________, you and I can _______ the galaxy, make _______ the way we _______ them to ____."

"I don't ________ what I ___ _______. Obi-Wan was _______. You've __________."

"I don't want to _______ anymore about Obi-Wan. The Jedi ________ _______ me. Don't you ________ _______ me."

"I don't know you anymore. Anakin, you're ___________ my _________. You're _______ down a path I can't _________."

c) Find the equivalents in the text above: (in the order of the dialogue):

English expression
To kill and replace someone
To govern
To oppose someone
A road

d) What does Anakin blame Padme for? Pick out and rephrase his words:
He blames her for being a _______ and for __________ Obi-Wan here to _______ him.

e) What does Anakin blame Obi-wan for?
He blames him for ________ Padme ________ him and for ________ her from him.

f) Pick out 3 expressions to show that Obi-Wan blames Anakin:

Part III.
a) Complete the dialogue:

"You have _________ this ______ lord to ______ your mind until now, you have ________ the very thing you _______ to __________."

"Don't ________ me, Obi-Wan. I see _______ the _______ of the Jedi. I do not ______ the dark _____ as you ______. I have _________ ________, ___________, ___________ and _________ to my new __________."

b) Find the equivalents in the text above: (in the order of the dialogue)

English expression
To permit
To corrupt someone
To promise
To give someone a lesson
To perceive


To be scared of

c) What political party and value does Obi-Wan stand up for (= defend)? What about Anakin?

Political party


d) Pick out expressions suggesting that the two characters are about to fight:


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