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Gun violence in the USA nowadays

I. General comprehension :

1. Where was the report recorded ?

2. What happened recently, and where ?

3. Concentrate on figures and statistics :
6 corresponds to the number of __________________
More than a dozen corresponds to the number of __________________
3 corresponds to the number of states in which guns do not ______________ any kind of __________
More than 10 is the number of __________ that you can shoot with an assault weapon.
80 million corresponds to the number of American _______ ___________.
5 corresponds to the number of __________ _________ held against Jared Loughner.

II. The situation.

1. Who is Gabriel Giffords ? Where was she at the time of the report ?

2. Right or Wrong ? Justify with elements from the document :

a) It is legal to have weapons in the USA.
R/W : _____________________________

b) The legislation on fire arms in the USA is very strict.
R/W : _____________________________

c) In Arizona, you may not carry a gun in public places.
R/W : _____________________________

d) Buying a gun in Arizona is extremely easy.
R/W : _____________________________

e) Arizona isn't a state where there is a lot of violence.
R/W : _____________________________

f) Before, you couldn't legally have certain types of assault weapons.
R/W : _____________________________

3. What type of gun did Jared buy ? Where and when did he buy it ?

III. Reactions.

1. Tom compares the USA with 3 countries. Name these countries :
He says that the USA is the __________ when it comes to owning guns and buying guns.

2. People who defend the right to have guns are called gun ___________. They _________ against any type of _______ which __________ upon the ________ to bear _________.

3. Mohammad thinks we _________ not __________ American gun owners who _____ absolutely ________ to _____ with this _________, many of whom are _______ to _________ crime from occurring. They carry fire arms for ______-_____________.

4. Right or Wrong ? Justify with elements from the document :

a) Paul thinks the USA is the safest country in the world.
R/W : _____________________________

b) Jared is accused of murder.
R/W : _____________________________

c) We know the reasons for his actions.
R/W : _____________________________

d) It wasn't difficult for him to have access to a gun.
R/W : _____________________________

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