mercredi 2 mai 2012

Definition of a hero

A. Characteristics of a hero:
1. Listen to this man's definition and complete:

A hero is a person noted for feats of _________ and _________ of purpose,
especially one who _______ or ______________ his or her life. (...) It's a person noted for special ______________ in particular _________, such as the heroes of _________. Basically, a hero is someone who, for whatever reason or reason, does something for ____________ _______ without regard to _____, personal _____ and in some cases, personal ____________.

2. In the text above, find the equivalents of: (not in the right order)


interest in



remarkable for


B. Particularity of a hero:
1. Make a list of the 10 professions the man mentions:
2. Pick out an expression to justify the statement: Heroes are ordinary people

 " _____________________________"

C. Use the adjectives from this list to rephrase the man's definition: courageous, bold, selfless, brave, committed

A hero is someone who (...):
  • does something for somebody else A hero must be __________ to others.
  • without regard to self, personal gain A hero must be __________ .
  • without regard to personal endangerment → A hero must be __________ , __________ , __________.

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