dimanche 29 avril 2012

A Mysterious Caller

A. First calls:

1. Complete call #1:

Girl: Hello.
Mysterious caller: ___________
Girl: _____?
Mysterious caller: Who _____ _______?
Girl: Who are you _________ to ______?
Mysterious caller: What _________ is this?
Girl:What number are _____ _______ to _______?
Mysterious caller: I _______ ________.
Girl:Well, I think you ______ the _______ number.
Mysterious caller:____ __?
Girl:It ________. Take it _______.

2. Complete call #2:

Mysterious caller: I'm ______. I guess I _______ the______ ________.
Girl: So why did you ______ it _______?
Mysterious caller: To ____________.
Girl: You'____ _________. ______ _____.
Mysterious caller: Wait, wait! Don't _______ ____!
Mysterious caller:I want to _____ to you for a ___________.
Girl:They've got 900 _________ for _____. See ______.

3. Find the equivalents in the dialogue above (in the order of the dialogue):

Mots français
English words
Joindre (quelqu'un au téléphone)

Mauvais numéro

Ça arrive

Portez vous bien

Composer (un numéro de téléphone)


Être pardonné

Raccrocher (le téléphone)

Au revoir, à plus

4.Call #2:
  • Why did the stranger call again?
  • What does the girl answer?
  • What does the stranger want at the end of the call?
  • Does the girl accept or not? Justify your answer and rephrase her opinion.

B. Getting to know each other... (call #3):

1. What is the girl making and why?

2. Complete the dialogue
Mysterious caller: What's _____ _________ ______ _________?
Girl: I ________________.
Mysterious caller: You ______ to _____ a favorite. What _______ to ______?
Girl:____________. You know, the one with the ______ in the white ______ who _______ around and ________ babysitters.
Mysterious caller: Yeah!
Girl: What's _______?
Mysterious caller: _________?
Girl: Umm. A ________ on Elm Street
Mysterious caller: Is that the one where the guy had _______ for _________?
Girl: Yeah, Freddy Kruger.
Mysterious caller: Freddy, that's _______! I _______ that ______, it was ______.
Girl: Well, the ______ one was, but the rest _______.

3. Find the equivalents in the dialogue above (in the order of the dialogue):
Mots français
English words
Être obligé de

Venir à l'esprit

Mec, type, bonhomme

Déambuler, errer

Espionner, traquer




Être nul, être ringard

4. What information is the stranger interested in at the end (2 types of information)? Pick out keywords.
5. What is the stranger's last sentence? Compare it with the situation.
6. What is the effect of the last sentence ?

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