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What is a gap year?

A. Introduction

1) What type of document is it?  
a. poem
b. interview 
c. speech 
d. song

2) Number of speakers: _____

3) Theme of the document?
a. The Comenius program 
b. English schools 
c. Taking a gap year

4) What information does the journalist want to know? _____________________________

5) Imagine you are interviewed. Make a list of words (that you heard or not):


 B. What is a gap year?

1) Find two similar expressions to characterize a gap year (beginning of Speaker-1 and end of Speaker-2):

Speaker-1: _____________________            Speaker-2: _____________________

2) According to Speaker-1, why do people go on a gap year? (pour +Verbe = in order to)


3) Find the correct spelling for ɪks'pɪriəns (end of Speaker 1): ______________________

C. Why a gap year?

1) According to Speaker-2, what does a gap year enable (= permet) you to do? Pick out expressions:


2) Speaker-2 and Speaker-3 mention 3 different life phases. Write them:

__________________________  __________________________  __________________________

3) Listen again to Speaker-2 and complete:

"I guess it could ________ different ________ based on the _____ and the
________. It could ___ a ____ ________ between ________ and ________, it could be a 
gap from ________ itself, from ________. It could ___ a gap before ________ __ ____ as well."

4) Circle the correct answer:
Taking a gap year is important for Speaker-3 because: 
a. she can't make a decision  
b. it will help her make a life-long decision
c. she has no decision to make

5) What will it enable her to do? Pick out expressions:


The original video (which is more difficult) 

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