dimanche 29 avril 2012

Gap Yah


Gap Yah is a comedy sketch. A student describes to his friend his experiences during his gap year. After each experience, the student “chundered” (= vomited). The video is a parody of British upper-middle-class (= bourgeois) students who speak with funny vowels and who think they are superior because they have already travelled to developping countries.

A. Introduction :
  • Type of document : interview    speech    debate    phone call
  • The student is in ________ on his _____ _______ at the moment. He thinks it's ___________.

B. Memories of his gap year :
He remembers one time, when he was in ________, in _________ (= Tanzania), he _______ this ________ with ____________. She had _______ all around her ________ and she ________ at him with a vacant ________ (= regard) but with an impression of endearing ________, as if to say “You know, despite our ___________, ______ and ____ are _____.” Suddenly, he chundered ____________.

He remembers another time, when he was in _________ ________, in _______ (= Peru). He thinks it's a ____________ country and the people are ____________. He was _________ing in the Andes and the sun was __________. He was getting a _______ of the awesome _________ of _________, when suddenly he just chundered ____________ all over the _________. He made a little _________ (= vomit + volcano).

He mentions one environmental problem : global ___________.

C. Back to the present : 
Now, he is _____ (= encore) on his _____ _______, in _______, on a ___________al, ___________al, ___________al __________. The problem is that he is in ____________ : this experience is a little _________al and de_________ (= rabaissant). There's not much ________. Because of the guards, he chundered ___________.

D. Interpretation of the sketch :
  • How many times did the student “chunder”? 
  • What impression does this repetition create?
  • In your opinion, what does this video mock? What does it denunce?

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