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An extraordinary woman.

Research "Segregation" and tick the correct answers.
* Segregation was □ a philosophy    □ a law (= une loi
* Segregation was a form of □ integration    □ seperation
* It □ united   □ seperated     African-American citizens and White citizens

A. General comprehension: 
1. Listen to the recording. Pick out the name of the main historical figure: ______________
2. Read the list of words. Then, listen again to the complete document. Tick 12 expressions you hear (in the right order):
foughtracistracismcarriagecouragestrengthbossbusfront □ lonely □ blackback 

B. What happened?
1. Tick the correct date and say what it corresponds to:
Dec. 5, 1855    □ Dec. 6, 1955    □ Dec. 5 1965    □ Dec. 5, 1955
This date corresponds to when she was _____________. 

2. Match the people with their actions (several answers are possible for each person):
Rosa Parks

  • patrolled the streets
Martin Luther King Jr.

  • stopped riding buses
Jo Ann Robinson

  • continued the boycott
The police

  • watch the yellow buses pass by
Black people

  • stood on street corners
C. Consequences?
1. Listen to those passages and tick the correct expressions:
a. Black and white people could sit □ wherever    □ whenever    they wanted to sit.
b. Bus □ drivers □ riders were to respect all □ drivers    □ riders.
c. Black people were □ now allowed    □ not allowed    to apply for driver positions. 

2. At the end of the recording, pick out two dates: ________ & ________ .
These dates correspond to when she □ was arrested    □ got awards    □ died 
3. With expressions from the list, complete this text by Barack Obama: racial equality, get involved, end, civil disobedience, segregation
This solitary act of ______ _____________ was also the spark that ignited the beginning of the _____ for _____________ and inspired millions around the country and ultimately around the world to ____ _________ in the fight for _______ ___________.” Barack Obama

D. Answer these questions to recapitulate what you have learnt:
* What was the situation between Afro-American and White citizens in the past?
* Who changed that situation? How did she do it?
* What was the immediate influence of this action?
* Why is this action so historic?

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