mercredi 2 mai 2012

Winston Churchill's speech

Research "Winston Churchill": his period of time? his role?

A. Read this list of words. Then, listen to the recording. You must tick the 18 expressions you hear (in the right order). 
!!! The expressions you will hear must correspond to the context of your research.

bloodcasualties (= victimes) tale (= récit)toil (= dur labeur)fears (= craintes) tears (= larmes)tool (= outil)sweet sweat (= sueur)ordeal (= épreuve)ordinarystruggle (= lutte)
troublesufferingwage warrainseamountainslandcourageairstrength (= force) 
mysterious monstrous tyrannyhuman crimevictoryHyde Parkterrorsurvival

B. Concentrate on the beginning. Pick out two keywords to answer the questions about the immediate context:
* Where does the scene take place?

* Who does Churchil address? 

C. Use the elements from the speech to answer these questions:
* Who delivered that speech? Where and when did that person deliver it?
* What was the situation in Europe at the time?
* What did the author decide to do?
* What great ideals did the author defend?
* What did he want to accomplish when he delivered that speech?

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