dimanche 5 août 2012

Through the eyes of an Aboriginal child

READ BEFORE LISTENING : the narrator is an Aboriginal child.

Fella = man.

I. First part :

1) What is the relationship between the child (narrator) and King George?

2) King George teaches the narrator a lot of things. Make a list :

3) The child and King George are very intimate with nature. Pick out elements to prove it :

4) The child's origins : he is not _______ fella, he is not _______ fella either. He has _______ blood, he is _______-________, "_________".

5) The "white" fellas :

Their occupation ?

King George's opinion on them ?

II. Second part :

1) "Coppers" are : □ farmers    □ policemen   □ military men

The child fears the “coppers” might ______ him ______, _____ him on a _________ island and ________ him into a _______ fella.

2) Right or Wrong? Justify with elements from the document :

a) The woman that the child sees was born in Australia.
R/W: _______________________________________

b) Australia is the only name for this territory.
R/W: _______________________________________

c) The name “Australia” was invented by the Aborigines.
R/W: _______________________________________

III. Recapitulate :

1) What have you learnt about the Aboriginal culture in Australia?

2) The narrator uses the terms “black” and “white”: who were the “blacks”, who were the “whites”? What type of relationship did they have?

3) What did the whites do to Aboriginal children in the past?

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